If you are thinking to start a guesthouse, here are 27 important things you need to know about the tourist visiting Maldives.

  1. The main motivator for traveling to the Maldives is the natural beauty of Maldives.
  2. ‘Rest and relaxation’ is the main purpose of visit to the Maldives.
  3. Internet is the most important source of information to discover the Maldives.
  4. Most visitors to the Maldives book their holiday through Internet.
  5. Bookings via online travel agencies continues to grow.
  6. Visitors from Europe book holiday early compared to Asian visitors.
  7. Visitors to Maldives from Asia are younger compared to Europe.
  8. One out of four visitors is a repeat visitor.
  9. Average length of stay in the Maldives is on the decline.
  10. Maldives is a popular destination for couples and families.
  11. Speedboat transfers followed by seaplane transfers are the main modes of transport.
  12. Waiting time at the airport is longest for visitors travelling by domestic flights.
  13. Most visitors reach their place of stay from the airport in less than an hour.
  14. Transport quality and safety are ranked highly.
  15. Prices charged for transport is perceived ‘value for money’.
  16. Majority of the international visitors to the Maldives stay in the tourist resorts.
  17. Guest services and cleanliness are ranked excellent or very good.
  18. Internet prices at place of stay are considered ‘value for money’.
  19. All-inclusive meal plans are the most popular among visitors.
  20. Quality of dining experience at place of stay is ranked very highly.
  21. Beverage prices are perceived to be expensive.
  22. Food quality standards are high but can be better.
  23. Snorkeling and diving are the most enjoyed activities.
  24. Spa services and souvenirs are perceived as expensive.
  25. Visitors enjoy experiencing local culture and way of life in local islands.
  26. Beaches, underwater beauty, resorts and privacy in the Maldives are rated higher than other similar destinations.
  27. For nine out of ten visitors the holiday in Maldives met their expectations.

This is the summary of key findings from the 12th Maldives Visitors Survey (MVS) conducted on February 2016. The content is directly from Maldives Visitors Survey February 2016 published on the website of Ministry of Tourism (www.tourism.gov.mv).